Cheryl Simons writes:
The course was excellent, the classes fun and Tyron and his team brilliant. Well done guys, I would highly recommend Damelin to whomever and which ever training is required. Debbie I salute you, and know that you and your team's hearts are passionate towards others for empowering them to make this world a better place.

Philip van Niekerk (Co-Owner) writes:

“I wish to convey my sincerest thanks to SEIFSA and DAMELIN upon entering this venture. I am now able to perform the necessary tasks in the office and able to use the acquired knowledge when liaising with the clients.
Through this education that I received from Damelin the knowledge will be of good use and is definitely an asset to my company.
I was able to progress from an ignorant computer user to one of a literate one.
The guidance of Rashika and Tyron enabled me to perform my tasks which I thought were not possible.”

“The training really meant a lot to our company; to our Management was the chance to enhance our staff members and the joy it gave them to actually do the courses.”

Mandy - What is better than learning things? What made the experience great for everyone was Brian’s easy and non-judgemental manner in which he treated everyone (from the labourers to the boss). Especially since it was the first time some of the trainees actually touched a computer. AND NOW THEY DO SO MUCH MORE THAT THAT…..

Elton “Lekker” course and now I can “speak” computer too. The lecturer was a-okay. Thank you Brian.


Mario Saligee, Factory Manager writes: I would like to take the opportunity to thank and praise the powers of be, who decided to fund and promote the computer training. The impact it made on the production of our employees has been remarkable. I had the privilege to encounter the true meaning of “Knowledge is Power”. Not only are the guys more productive in their different working stations but they are not scared to implement and be more creative when starting new tasks. In the Laminating Department they utilized the EXCEL spreadsheets to work out a program to use all the different components to finish a product. Finishing these products in less time and better quality. We had the opportunity to promote one of the SEIFSA Training candidates, Mr. Gregory Baker from a technician to a Sales Representative for also showing more creativity and involvement. I cannot express my heartfelt thanks to the Damelin team that went out of their way to make the guys and gals of M & B feel, not only at home but also a need to want to know more. Thank You Debbie and your team.

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