Course Name Course Duration Cost per Course
Basic Firefighting 1 day R760
Basic First Aid 1 day R760
Communicate Assertively 1 day R760
Communicate at Work 1 day R950
Conflict Resolution in a Diverse Environment 3-4 days R2,660
Deal with Safety, Health and Environmental Emergencies in the Workplace 1 day R760
Effective Communication in the Workplace 5-6 days R3,040
Manage Basic Business and Personal Finance 1 day R1,140
Quality Assurance in Manufacturing & Assembly Processes 2-3 days R1,900
Read, Interpret and Produce Basic Engineering Drawings 2-3 days R1,140
Safety in the Workplace 3-5 days R2,660
Select, Use and Maintain Engineering Tools 3-5 days R3,040
Supervise Work Unit to Achieve Work and Unit Objectives 2-3 days R2,280
Time Management 1 day R760
Work Safely with Workshop Tools 5-7 days R4,380
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